Performance-Driven Learning

Identify the marketing skills development requirements and key job role specific competencies to retain and apply what you learn. Learn more

Our Unique Approach to Assessment

How is conducting an assessment like visiting a Doctor?. Watch our Video

Marketing Skills Development

Issues with Competency Assessments

Our clients range from DuPont to Dell. We have learned from collaborating with our clients to configure and execute readiness assessments and have developed some success factors that help determine whether we are a ‘good fit’ to work with a client.  Please review by clicking this link to answer the question: Should We Work Together?

“The partnership with Imprint has made us better marketers by exposing us to critical thinking and validating our marketing/messaging platforms in the planning phase.”
— Raj Lohani, International Business Leader, Global Life Sciences Company

Win by Transforming Marketing Capabilities

In this White Paper we will discuss marketing skills transformation: 1. The four (4) keys to transforming organizational marketing capabilities. I have led, worked with and observed marketing organizations for more than 30 years. I am often bemused by the irony that the very people ch
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How to Guarantee Breakthrough Learning

Imagine this scenario- you are at your physician’s office for your annual physical exam.  You begin the meeting with your doctor by describing some of the symptoms that your believe are creating the headaches you have been experiencing.  How would you react if based solely on the desc
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The Truth about Competency Assessments

An effective competency assessment can provide valuable insight that helps an organization direct their learning & development activities, formulate individual coaching & learning plans, inform selection interviewing questions and refine job role descriptions- to name a few ou
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Questions to Consider When Conducting a Competency Assessment

If you are planning to conduct a competency assessment within your organization, there are eight (8) questions you should consider as you formulate your approach and explore options.  These questions are the result of our work with clients and observations of both key success factors
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