About Us

The Marketing Effectiveness Company

Imprint Learning Solutions enables the delivery of sustainable learning and business improvement solutions by leveraging the findings of original readiness diagnostic tools to support the transformation of market performance.


  • Our Expertise

    Our team is comprised of educators, authors, inventors, entrepreneur’s and global executives with experience ranging from startups to Fortune 20 companies with ‘C-level’ responsibilities. We have delivered:

    • Marketing e-Learning courses to more than 2,000 marketing professionals
    • Web-based diagnostic assessments to more than 10,000 marketing professionals
  • Our Philosophy

    • Choices required to design and implement a strategy must be interdependent and explicit and, whenever possible, linked to profit impact.
    • What is made explicit can be managed.
    • What is managed can be measured.
    • What is measured will drive behaviors and business performance.
  • Client Profile

    • Learning and Development Leaders seeking effective marketing skill development methods that provide clear business impact and a ROI.
    • Marketing Leaders seeking to improve the overall effectiveness of their organization as they adjust to a quickly changing business environment.
  • Our Offerings

    • Cloud-Based Diagnostic Tools
    • e-Learning