Issues with Marketing Assessments

We identified many issues with marketing assessments and surveys which we addressed with our approach.  The biggest issues are identified below:

Assessments were too Broad & Shallow

  • A generic ‘Laundry list’ to assess across all personnel


Business Leaders Not ‘Bought-In’

  • Assessments often viewed with skepticism due to lack of ‘near term’ relevance & sense that it was a means to ‘justify training’ investments/events


Results too Generalized

  • Do not support specific ‘call to action’ or link to business requirements/implications



  • Comparisons with generalized set of companies
  • Interesting yes, but relevant?


Process does not establish explicit standards

  • Definitions of competencies not detailed enough: very subject to individual understanding
  • No connection to desired behaviors & No stratification of proficiency levels


Not a balanced perspective

  • Lacking managerial perspective/input on employees assessment of performance


Download the Survey vs Diagnostic Chart Here